Our story…

Our Beginnings

Kyamuhunga Tea Company Limited (KTC) was incorporated with limited liability on 21st December 2011. It is fully owned by Ugandans with a professional board of 5 Directors with relevant expertise in Business and Law, Finance and Economics; Engineering and Management; Rural Community Economic Development and Medicine/ Public Health.

KTC produces black Crush, Tear and Curl (CTC) tea from quality green leaf harvested from own gardens and those of out growers located in the lush ever green hills of greater Bushenyi in the south western Uganda. This region lies at a n altitude of 1,600m above sea level and at a latitude of 0027’5” S and 300 6’48” E and is famous for its rich acidic soils favoring tea growing.

KTC produces over 145,000kgs of processed black tea per month and for each consignment destined for export, an Export Certificate and Phytosanitary Certificate are issued by relevant national authorizing bodies namely: Uganda Revenue Authority and Phytosanitary Inspection Services of Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. The company commenced full-scale production of tea in September 2013.

Strategy and vision

KTC offers extensive packages to farmers like fertilizer and advisory services in order to increase their green leaf yield

Vision statement.

To produce the best quality tea in Uganda and be one of the producers of best quality tea in East Africa.

Mission statement.

Our mission at Kyamuhunga Tea Company Limited is to be a leading farmer focused and friendly company that empowers farmers to produce the best quality green leaf while improving their standards of living.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Strict observance of best hygienic and environmentally friendly practices.

Advantages of using tea

  • Tea adds great flavor to the day as it can be taken hot or cold but yet providing us with enormous health benefits as it is majorly made up of antioxidants which are very vital and useful to the body

  • These rid the body of major harmful toxins (detoxification) and extra fat therefore its major role in weight loss

  • Detoxification is a very crucially important process to the body most especially at such a time of rampant pollution

  • In a scenario where the extra deposits of fat are not being rid from the body and blood vessels, heart diseases spring up, strokes, nervous disorders and incapacitations occur; decreasing one’s life expectancy

  • The antioxidants contained in tea are also anti-aging chemicals as they decrease cell damage and also additionally help battle cancer

  • Tea also strengthens bones and teeth due to traces of Calcium and Vitamin A & K and to the very least keeps one hydrated, leaving the skin moist and healthy

  • Since tea contains no cholesterol, it is a wise and tasty option for people on diet or those trying not to gain weight.

  • Tea being a herbal product is a great and wise option as opposed to others as it may not have any side effects