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Feel The Original Taste

The interesting discovery of tea traces back to the Chinese legend of Emperor Sheng Nong (2737 B.C.E) who was boiling water in the garden when a leaf from an overhanging wild tree drifted into his pot. He enjoyed drinking the infused water so much that he was compelled to do research on the leaf which proved to have enormous benefits. Tea then became very popular across the globe, arriving in Africa with the explorers and missionaries; mainly using it for barter trade with the African leaders.

Kyamuhunga Tea Company LTD (KTC) was much later incorporated with limited liability on 21st December 2011 and commenced full scale production in September 2013; fully owned by Ugandans.

Welocome to KTC

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Being one of the top ranked tea producers in Uganda and a having well experienced staff, you can count on us for well-produced high-quality tea and better customer-client relations thus establishing and growing your brand

Our Grades

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Primary Grades


Black Pekoe Fanning 1 (PF1) Very strong in liquor and intensive color in the cup


Black Broken Pekoe 1(BP1) has the largest size particles. This full-bodied, bright tea is a larger leaf, top grade broken tea. With a rich, forest-like scent, pekoe is considered one of the finest teas


Black Dust 1 (D1) Fine granular particles that bring out optimum strength and body. Less granular then Pekoe Dust and very clean. It is characterized by strong liquors.


Black Pekoe Dust (PD) Often black and finer than the PF1 and has thick liquors and aroma. Especially suited for tea bags providing very thick gutty cups with a taste that is at once refreshing and hearty.

Secondary Grades


Fannings Quick brewing, strong flavor and good color qualities. This blend of black tea is sifted from primary grades, and due to its small fibers


Broken Pekoe (BP) has the largest size particles.This full-bodied, bright tea is a larger leaf, top grade broken tea. With a rich, forest-like scent,


Dust is a fine powder, much finer than fannings, made of tea particles left from producing higher grades of tea.


Pekoe Fannings Tea is a fairly cleaner looking smaller broken leaf grade with a neat appearance


Broken Mixed Fanning (BMF) is made of fibrous lots with very little trace of black teas

Rated the Best PD Tea In Uganda

Our products include BP1, PF1, PD, D1, DUST, FNGS, PF, BP, BMF and we are proud to have received the prestigious awards for the Best PD tea in Uganda and the Best BP1 tea in Uganda at the 4th AFRICAN TEA CONVENTION & EXHIBITION held in Kampala, Uganda  in June 2019